Delilah, Riley, and Kara

The Pups

Delilah is Maltese Chihuahua mix born on 2-14-07. She was originally adopted by her now grandma from a breeder who said she was “a mistake.” When her Mom came home from college breaks she fell in love with her and adopted her when she graduated college back in 2010. She is a very independent pup who prefers people to other animals. Delilah is happy doing anything her humans do whether it’s paddle boarding, laying on the couch, going on walks, or going out to eat. She lives for food, massages and sun spots. Her favorite food is salmon and her favorite toys are her puzzles (because they give her treats). She doesn’t play with any other dog toys, though she will occasionally snuggle with them as long as they don’t squeak.





Riley is a Pomeranian mix born on 11-08-13. He was adopted on 7-7-14 by his humans less than a month after they got married. Riley was a stray pup down in Kentucky when a rescue picked him up and brought him back to Michigan. He was afraid of all humans when he was adopted but has always loved other dogs. As time has gone on he now loves the humans that he interacts with on a regular basis and is doing much better with meeting new people. Riley is happiest being at home with his humans sitting on his favorite chair. He loves to snuggle (once he knows you) and do tricks. Riley’s favorite food is anything that you feed him, but he does have a soft spot for his Dad’s pulled chicken. His favorite toys are his vintage talking Taco Bell dogs, though he loves all toys.