Delilah, Riley, and Kara

Wellness Wednesday: Better than One?

Wellness Wednesday: Better than One?

Have you ever wondered if there are benefits to having more than one dog? Our human has this thing about having two pups and she frequently gets asked, why two? Having two pups can help with activity and socialization, it can also help with separation anxiety if the dogs have each other while the humans are out. We love to play together and without having each other neither of us would get nearly as much exercise. Kara is particularly nervous when she can’t see her main human but having Riley drastically helps with that. Getting a new dog while having an existing dog in the house can help the new one learn the routines and rules of the house (there is no better dog trainer than another dog). We realize having two dogs isn’t for everyone but it works for us. Do you have more than one pup? Tell us what works for you!

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