Delilah, Riley, and Kara

Wellness Wednesday: Riley DNA

Wellness Wednesday: Riley DNA

The results are in on Riley’s @embarkvet DNA test. Our biggest surprise in Riley’s results is that he has 0 pomeranian in him (we have been incorrectly using #PomChi for years now). Riley is 7 different breeds, in order from strongest to weakest; chihuahua, boston terrier (surprising, and the only breed that nobody guessed in our stories), poodle, lhasa apso, maltese, pekingese and beagle (also surprising). Essentially Riley is a total mutt and we love it, he is 100% unique. Knowing what breeds your dog is can help know conditions they are predisposed to. We upgraded online to get the health and trait results too. We are happy to report that Riley tested clear for all 181 genetic conditions that they check for (and we can send these results to our vet). Tell us what you are most surprised about in Riley’s results. 

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