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Wellness Wednesday: Kara DNA

Wellness Wednesday: Kara DNA

The results are in on Kara’s @embarkvet DNA test. Thanks to everyone who has been guessing on our stories. Maltese, yorkie and shih tzu have been the most popular guesses. Kara is 50% maltese and 50% biewer terrier (pronounced like “beware” but with a “v” instead of a “w”). Congrats to @gabbyfaro and @frankiethecoolpup for being the only ones to guess biewer terrier. The biewer terrier is a rare and newer breed that is VERY closely related to the yorkshire terrier (yorkie) though technically it’s own breed (so if you guessed maltese/yorkie or morkie you were super close). Knowing what breeds your dog is can help know conditions they are predisposed to. After buying our DNA tests at @petco we upgraded online (through @embarkvet) to get the health and trait results. We are happy to report that Kara tested clear for all 181 genetic conditions that they check for. I love that we can easily send these results off to our vet and they can be used down the line to help diagnose or rule things out if Kara does ever have health problems in the future. Tell us below what breed you know or think your dog is. ♡

To see Kara’s full embark profile including her trait results use the link in our bio. Next week will feature Riley’s results (and trust us, they were surprising).

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