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Wellness Wednesday: Delilah

Wellness Wednesday: Delilah

Today we have a health update on Delilah. We are sharing her story because heart problems affect so many pups. ♡

We found out Delilah had a heart murmur when she was scheduled for a dental. So we met with a veterinary cardiologist (honestly didn’t know that a thing) at the end of September. At this point she hadn’t been symptomatic so we weren’t expecting anything serious, just trying to be proactive. Unfortunately we found out that her condition was more severe than we had thought. Delilah has severe mitral valve regurgitation which means one of her heart valves isn’t functioning correctly. The stress of this has caused her heart to enlarge. This condition is common for her breeds and small dogs in general. She is currently taking two medications to help her heart productivity and reduce any fluid retention (Enalapril and Furosemide). Originally there was a third medication that we eventually identified does not sit well with Delilah (Vetmedin). We had a very scary month where she barely ate, had alot of stomach issues and we made alot of emergency vet visits. Since she has been off that med she has been mostly good. The biggest changes for her are low sodium diet (finding treats was tricky), she pees ALOT and her exercise needs to be extremely limited. Given that Delilah’s mitral valve disease is so advanced it’s highly likely that she will progress to congestive heart failure. The progression time varies greatly from dog to dog. It could be two months or it could be two years. There is no cure, just meds to slow progression and manage symptoms. We go back for a checkup in late March. Right now we are treasuring every moment together and taking it day by day ❤

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