Delilah, Riley, and Kara

Wellness Wednesday: Anxiety

Something about me that most of you don’t know is that I suffer from anxiety. The rescue I came from got me as a stray pup from Kentucky. Anxiety is something that lots of other former strays struggle with. I am the happiest and snuggliest pup in the world when I’m home with my family and nothing is out of the ordinary. However if you put new people into my house or bring me to a new environment (especially one with new people) I get really anxious. My human has been working with me to help reduce my anxiety. A couple times a week we adventure out together to pet friendly places. I walk around and my human gives me treats and positive reinforcement for being calm. If I’m feeling really brave I also take treats from new friends and let them pet me. I’m slowly learning that the world is not so scary. I really appreciate all the time my human has put in to help reduce my anxiety.