Delilah, Riley, and Kara

Wellness Wednesday: Dog Food

Hi friends, health and wellness are so important to us. We want to live long healthy lives and be there for our humans for as long as possible (they really need us). We are going to start posting every week for #WellnessWednesday to talk about things we do to stay healthy.

We are starting with what we believe to be the most important thing to our health, our food. We have been eating Life’s Abundance food for 3 years now and we really think it’s high quality (and tasty) ingredients make a big difference in our lives. We think there are alot of healthy options for food, this one just happens to work best for us. We also don’t live solely on dog food, but more about that in another post.

We will be using the hashtag #PeakePupsHealth on all our wellness posts so you can keep track and easily find them.